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The State Route 91 (SR-91) Corridor Improvement Project focuses on increasing capacity and reducing congestion for an existing 14-mile stretch of SR-91 and a 6-mile stretch along Interstate 15. The project boundaries run from the SR-241 Toll Road in Yorba Linda to Pierce Street in Riverside. Additional project areas include I-15 between Cajalco Road in Corona and Hidden Valley Parkway in Norco.

Not surprisingly, improving this stretch of SR-91 continues to be the highest priority of the Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) as part of a focused 10-year effort to improve freeway conditions and public transit in the Western Riverside County. The overall SR-91 Corridor Improvement Project will result in a $1.3 billion investment and create approximately 16,000 jobs.

SR-91 Corridor Improvement Project Map

The proposed improvements will ease movement of people and goods between Riverside County and Orange County, improving travel conditions for work, recreation, school, and commerce.

Reduced congestion will also reduce the time required for freeway traffic to move through local streets adjoining the SR-91. Improvements to on-and off-ramps will limit backups on local streets and freeways during peak travel periods.

Tolled express lanes play a key role in the project. The four proposed tolled express lanes (two in each direction) will have toll rates that vary by time of day, similar to the existing tolled express lanes in Orange County. The tolled express lanes are designed to offer free-flowing traffic, no matter how congested the SR-91 general purpose lanes become. Besides offering drivers a chance to use the tolled express lanes for faster travel, the lanes generate revenue that will pay for their construction and future operation and maintenance.


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